The new E.P. of Chateau Lamotte  is called "L' Étoile du Berger" (Evening Star) and was recorded during this strange period of our life.

This E.P. title is plenty symbolic. How could we find our way without light? How could we relax without deep breath? The two original tracks are made of hypnotic and relaxing pulses, real good deep house, perfect for the small, dimly lit nightclub (or living rooms). The influences of jazz music can be found in the compositions.

For this last opus, Chateau Lamotte invited Robert Clinton (from Chopper) for a crazy punchy "Deep breath" radio edit and a cosmic radio edit of "The Light ». Ricky Minaje (from Founet) for his part ends this amazing E.P. with an tremendous extended version of «The Light» and a shiny version of « Deep Breath ».

Enjoy.on the main platforms in the world.


March 2020 / FMI records has the great pleasure to present you the new electronic jazzy and ultrasuave EP of CHATEAU LAMOTTE " Romy ForeveR ". You can discover it on every major music platforms. With love from FMI.


Cool rider is a lounge-chill out electro-acoustic and music-making project aimed at relaxing car commuters who face the added stresses of traffic in the industrialized world and beyond, especially in countries with high population density. The nervousness, the aggressiveness that we encounter on the roads today was the trigger for Cool rider.

Musically, the compositions are made of vocal atmospheres and acoustic guitars, plus electronics.

The references can be the compilations "Café del Mar, Buddha Bar or groups like Air, Tosca, ..... The goal is to arrive at a subtle mixture of vocal atmospheres and acoustic guitars.

The Cool rider concept bridges city and nature and is easy to get to. It can be listened to without prior musical culture.

The project is aimed at all social classes and aims to be melodically accessible and refined in terms of rhythms and structures.



SHINING is the second album of CHATEAU LAMOTTE. It is a musical research and a physical exploration of the synthetic world of today. Shining  (in the way of illumination, revelation) talks about the importance of music for the music, the positive contribution of this one on the world that surrounds us. Musical production is an exceptionally complicated and enriching quest. It is true that they try to always push further the confrontation between their personalities, so different and at the same time complementary. This album, in addition to a series of timeless electronic music tracks, is enriched by a collaboration with American DJ Harrison Crump.


DJing is an art as Musical production, and we share these moments of musical voyages between cinema and reality, between life and dreams with you.

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ULTRARENAISSANCE is CHATEAU LAMOTTE's first album containing the hit “Glory me” remixed by Roy Davis Junior. This LP represents a collection of large-scale musical works that are still relevant today with a strong hallmark in the world of electronic music.


Chateau Lamotte is a duet of authors, composers, producers, performers and Dj’s from Belgium,

We bring with our compositions a style including the musical culture since the sixties using our knowledge in jazz, pop, experimental, classical music, funk, disco, électro, drum’n bass,…...


The concept of our work is a panel of all our conscious and unconscious influences from

contemporary classical music to the experimental researches and techno of this new century.

It expresses the feeling to live in a period of renewal

We are working with the electronicmachinery in a jazzistic and arborescent way, leting the atmospheres develop theirselves and the chance of the compositions bring us into discoveries or aroused details by our spirit of the game. Nature that surrounds us, inspires us. We always try to find movements in agreement with our universe of colours and psycho acoustic phenomenons.

All is experience to reach forms of expression which, we hope, talk to people who listen to

our music, bringing new/positive sensations and pleasure.


© Philippe Bouillon / Philippe Del Cane

Musical production is an exceptionally complicated and enriching quest. It is true that we try

to always push further the confrontation between our two personalities, in complementarity.

Acceptance of differences and will of complementing each other, could be the future

of our world: the intelligence of the heart.

After working with labels like Pias, Bang, The Orchard, Chateau Lamotte is now ditributed worlwide by

Believe Music. You'll find soon new productions on Souncloud, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.

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